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A Monocoque Frame

...with directly casted grips

The monocoque frame is CNC-machined out of a single 6061 aluminum block, bead blasted and anodized in matte Obsidian Black. The ergonomic grips are hand casted polyurethane for maximum grip. Unlike most other wheels the grips are directly casted to the main frame making it extremely stiff

Total weight

0 g

...making it one of the lightest wheels on the market

4” VoCore Display

Always have your delta time in view. Get real time visual information of your car state like Tire Temperature, Brake Bias, Engine Mapping, Fuel Level and many more. Choose from our available dashboards (F1, GT3) or explore the hundreds of free dashboards on the web.


21 Frozen LED’s with Acrylic Cover

Never miss the shifting point with 15 Rev-Lights. Instantly know current track information like yellow flags with the 6 Marshal-Lights. All LEDs have a frozen cover and on top of that tinted Acrylic Glass so you won't be blinded.


Assignable Inputs*

12 Push Buttons with a snappy Tactile Feedback. Instantly recognize when you have pressed a button by a firm “click”

6 Bourns® Rotary Thumb Encoders. Perfect for quick adjustments like Brake Bias, Differential, ERS deployment and many more... without taking your hands off the wheel

3 Absolute Switches with 12 positions. Unlike a Rotary Encoder this switch has 12 individual outputs, suitable for changing the BlackBox, Dash Screen Selector or Strat Switch (Engine Mode).

2 BSTec Magnetic Shifter. Powered by high class N50 magnets. You won't miss shift! Manufactured in lightweight Resin-Carbon-Compound these shifters are extremely tactile and quiet (because no metal on metal contact).

BSTec Full Magnetic Dual Clutch. 3 Magnets provide a linear movement (no torsion spring which may weaken overtime). Contactless clutch with hall sensor.