Classy Collection
[ΩONE + Invicta QR + Forte Wheelbase]

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ΩONE (Variant):Stern
ΩONE (Paddle):Shifter
ΩONE (Clutch):No Dual Clutch

The Classy Collection includes:

ΩONE + Invicta QR, Wheelbase & Pedals



Designed for ease-of-use during even the most intense moments of a race, the ΩONE features ten tactile push buttons, six thumb encoders, three frontal rotary switches and two "seven-way-switches" that are ergonomically arranged and easily accessible without having to remove your hands from the wheel.

1x Invicta QR

What makes the Invicta™ Quick Release (by BavarianSimTec) so unique? With our solution, there is truly no USB cable between the ΩONE / ΩPRO steering wheel and the wheelbase - it's the only sensible solution!
The Wheel Version comes directly mounted and cabled with your ΩONE or ΩPRO racing wheel. Electronics cabling are modified for BavarianSimTec wheels.

1x Forte Wheelbase

Welcome to full immersion sim racing!
“The performance, force feedback and directness are at the highest level and are transported directly to your hands via the perfect quick release.” – Ron Reviewt


Feel free to reach out to us via email at to inquire about additional equipment options, color choices, or personalized customizations. We're here to make your preferences a reality, and there are no limits to what we can achieve!