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Paddle:Shifter & Pull Paddles
Clutch:Dual Clutch

*Pull Paddles: an additional Paddle on each side above the upshift/downshift paddle

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Only 3 left in stock! Each steering wheel is checked again before shipping. Please allow an additional 2-4 working days for this quality check, in addition to the regular shipping times.
Shipping Information

We are a small manufacturing company - every wheel is handcrafted in Bavaria. We usually have a build time of 2 weeks. Custom models are around 4 weeks. Each steering wheel is checked again before shipping. Please allow an additional 1-3 working days for this quality check, in addition to the regular shipping times.

Designed for ease-of-use during even the most intense moments of a race, the OmegaONE features ten tactile push buttons, six thumb encoders, three frontal rotary switches and two "seven-way-switches" that are ergonomically arranged and easily accessible without having to remove your hands from the wheel. This ensures that you can stay fully focused on the race and make quick, precise adjustments without any unnecessary distractions.

Monocoque Frame
Rubber Handles

The Monocoque Frame is a unique and innovative design that distinguishes the ΩONE from the majority of steering wheels on the market. Unlike most other steering wheels that have their handles attached to a 5mm aluminum- or carbon- plate, the Monocoque Frame has its handles injected directly to the aluminum main frame. This design creates a smooth and ergonomic finish, providing a natural and intuitive grip that is comfortable and secure. Additionally, the ΩONE stands out for its lightweight construction, weighing a mere 1100 grams. It is one of the most durable and lightweight steering wheels on the market.

60+ Inputs

The ΩONE is equipped with various input options. It has ten tactile push buttons with an actuation force of 300gf. Additionally, the six ergonomically positioned thumb encoders are constructed from anodized aluminum and feature a firm detent to prevent unintentional turning. The two "7-way-switches" are conveniently located within easy reach of your thumbs, allowing for effortless adjustment of various settings such as your pit stop settings. Finally, located at the bottom of the steering wheel, you will find three 12-Position-Switches which are ideal for fixed inputs such as ABS or TC.

Vibrant Display and LED's

The ΩONE features a VoCore 4“ display located at its center, which boasts high resolution and vibrant colors. This display enables you to showcase critical information, such as gear indication, delta, TC, ABS, and more. Additionally, the ΩONE is 100% compatible with SimHub, which provides access to thousands of free dashboards that can be downloaded to suit your specific needs. The display is flanked by 21 LEDs that are arranged in a 3-15-3 configuration, which can be customized according to your preferences. This ensures that you are always aware of crucial information, such as shift points, DRS availability, and current track status updates, such as yellow flags.


Our range of steering wheels is designed to be compatible with all major wheelbases including Asetek, Simucube, Fanatec, VRS, Simagic, and MOZA. Each wheelbase might need their own Quick Release.

Our steering wheel is designed to be compatible with SimHub. You can choose to use our own dashboard or select from thousands of available dashboards that can be found online. With this flexibility, you can customize your dashboard to your preference and have access to a wide range of options.


Monocoque frame

CNC-Machined out of a single block 6061 aluminum and anodized in black


Rubber grips injected directly to the Monocoque Frame.


100% carbon fiber




10x tactile push buttons


6x ballspring detent Bourns Encoders

Position Switches

3x 12 Position Switches


2x 7-Way-Switches


4" High-res VoCore Screen compatible with SimHub


21x programmable LED's compatible with SimHub


1100gr (without clutch & pull paddle)


2x Magnetic Shifter

Clutch (optional)

2x full magnetic contactless clutch

Pull Paddles (optional)

2x additional paddles above the shifter paddle


PC only | Asetek - Simucube - Fanatec - VRS - Simagic - MOZA


included Coiled USB-cable (3m)


Boltpattern 70mm (3 threaded and 3 non-threaded) and 50.8mm (3 threaded and 3 non-threaded)

What's included?

OmegaONE - Coiled USB Cable - Mounting Plate with screws - Comes in a stylish and secure packaging.

Handcrafted in Bavaria

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