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Invicta™ Quick Release (Retail Version)


The Retail Version comes in a nice box, with aluminum extension in three length and the mounting ring. Electronics cabling are modified for BavarianSimTec wheels.

In basic terms, the Invicta Quick Release Adapter (by BavarianSimTec) makes it possible to mount all BavarianSimTec wheels directly on any Asetek SimSports Wheelbase without the need of an USB cable!

What makes the Invicta™ Quick Release (by BavarianSimTec) so unique? With our solution, there is truly no USB cable between the ΩONE / ΩPRO steering wheel and the wheelbase - it's the only sensible solution!

To achieve this, we have been working closely with Asetek from the very beginning of the QR's development. With our Invicta™ Quick Release (by BavarianSimTec), we modify the electronics and internal USB cable in such a way that the QR can be directly connected to the steering wheel. This is done through an internal connector, which all ΩPRO / ΩONE steering wheels are equipped with. The connection can be made without having to open the ΩONE / ΩPRO casing and can be done in just one minute.

All ΩONE steering wheels delivered so far have this connection, which means they can be retrofitted with the Invicta™ Quick Release (by BavarianSimTec), highlighting the future-proof nature of our steering wheels.

Please note: only if you purchase the QR directly from BavarianSimTec you have a cable free version for your wheel. If you purchase the QR from Asetek or another retailer, the QR will have a USB-A connector on the steering wheel side, and you will still have a USB cable hanging around (as shown in Asetek's explanatory video).

Quick Release Specs

  • Comes in a nice Retail Packaging 
  • Three lengths included: 80 mm, 150 mm, and 200 mm (total Quick Release lengths)
  • Sturdy, no-play Quick Release with a guaranteed no disengages up to 500N of pull-force on a 320mm wheel*
  • Optional USB support 
  • High-quality aluminum parts 
  • 70 mm & 50.8 mm bolt patterns 
  • Electronics cabling and mounting modified for BavarianSimTec wheels
*The Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit has a built-in safety release at 500N with a 320mm steering wheel, meaning there is no chance of accidentally disconnecting the wheel. It also provides safety release if something should go wrong. 
Shipping Information

We are a small manufacturing company - every wheel is handcrafted in Bavaria. We usually have a build time of 2 weeks. Custom models are around 4 weeks. Each steering wheel is checked again before shipping. Please allow an additional 1-3 working days for this quality check, in addition to the regular shipping times.